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What if my business has 50 or more employees?


Under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) if you have 50 or more full time equivalent employees (FTE) you will be required to provide health care benefits your employees, or face penalties called share responsibility payments. The penalties could cost your business up to $3,000 per year per employee.


On July 2nd businesses with 50 or more full time employees got news that they would not have to meet the January 1, 2014 deadline to provide health care coverage.  The new deadline is now set for January of 2015.  If you were one of the more than 90% of employers with 50 or more full time employees that already provided their employees with health care you do not have to worry.


If you were one of the employers that were not in compliance, perhaps due to the complicated reporting requirements, the one year extension was a welcome reprieve. In order to determine if you will need to meet the ACA’s employer mandate in 2015 you will need to know if you have 50 full time equivalent employees.  A FTE employee is defined as an employee who works over 30 hours per week, however in order to calculate the number of your FTE’s, the hours that are worked by multiple part-time employees must be aggregated and divided by 120.


One requirement that you still need to fulfill, is that you must provide your employees with an “exchange notice”. The notice must tell your employees if you are offering insurance and explain about the new public insurance exchanges, and the possible employer contribution, and tax consequences if they buy insurance through an exchange.

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