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What if I have job based insurance?


About 50% of Americans receive health insurance through their job, or through the job of a family member.  If you are in this category, your insurance is safe and you will probably not have to do anything when then the Affordable Care Act (ACA) becomes effective. In addition under the ACA your access to a doctor or to health care services will not change.  Your access will still be based on your provider’s network.  Also as of January 1, 2014 you will be entitled to all of the benefits, rights and protections that the ACA provides.


Some of the new guaranteed benefits include coverage for:


-          Maternity care

-          Pediatric care

-          Vision and dental care for children

-          Preventative care

-          Prescription drugs

-          Laboratory services

-          Mental health and substance abuse treatment and more


What happens if you decide to explore the individual healthcare marketplace?


While you will probably not be required to do anything once the ACA becomes effective, you do have the right to purchase insurance through the health insurance marketplace. If you want to evaluate other health insurance plans can start at  Once in the website you can compare insurance policies on a side by side basis.  However if you decide not to accept your employers insurance offer you have the option of either going without coverage or shopping for coverage in the individual marketplace.  If you do not purchase coverage through your employer you could be liable for penalties under the individual mandate provision of the ACA. If you purchase insurance through the individual marketplace you may lose your employer contribution and you may not qualify for the premium tax credit.

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